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Welcome! There are lots of interesting things to do on my site. Watch videos of the CMEA audition repertoire, check out the Rosewood Chamber Ensemble schedule, read articles I've written, or catch up with my Facebook Musician page.

Latest news:

-- I am now teaching live online lessons through LessonFace. This high quality video platform includes the ability to teach classes as well as individual lessons, internal messaging, and parental controls. Come visit my platform at

--Rosewood Chamber Ensemble has released its first CD! Songs and Dances of Early America is available for purchase on my Recordings page.

--The Musicians of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra are facing extremely difficult contract negotiations with our new Bushnell management. Please support us! We have a Facebook page where you can find information and lend support:



Rosewood Chamber Ensemble
 Rosewood Chamber Ensemble at Kings Chapel in Boston                                 and at Brannen Brothers Recital Hall (photo by R. Woodbury)

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Barbara Hopkins, Flutist
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